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The Original Giant Mist Atomizing Cleaning System

Acoustic Clean is an acoustical ceiling cleaning company. We both install and repair/ replace acoustical ceilings as well as clean acoustical ceilings to remove dust, dirt soot and tobacco smoke.

We work with new construction, remodeling, and/or annual maintenance for ceiling restoration and/or cleaning.

Organized in 1980, Acoustic Clean has has provided ceiling and wall cleaning services to Hospitals, Nursing homes, Restaurants, Barbershops, Office Complexes, Motels, Hotels and Shopping Centers.

Acoustic Clean-Acoustical Ceiling Cleaning/Contractor

Cleaning Vs. New Placements

  1. Cleaning Vs. Replacements is very cost effective - You could save up to 60%!
  2. Cleaning can be done after business hours - saves down time and lost company time.
  3. Restores Acoustic and sound properties, plus light restoration.

4508 NE Cardlane
Kansas City, MO 64116
Ph: (816) 454-9898
Fax: 816-454-1210